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Incentive of an Account

We suggest you to create an account with us which would:

  • Save you the time for every time you have to shop with us
  • All your previous shopping history will be a single click away
  • You will get access to tracking your order easily
  • Saves you the hassle of placing the order from scratch by filling out the basic information all the time and you can check out from the process faster

In case of forgetting your password you can always request for a new one and you will be guided through the procedure via email.


After adding items to the cart you will be guided through the procedure for further payment once you are done paying for the items you will receive a confirmation summary for your order. You cannot make changes to your order once the order is processed, for adding more items to the cart you will have to place a new order, the old products will be delivered within their due time.


Any product purchased can be returned within 14 day time. If you want an exchange for that product you can or else you will have to mail the package back after that you will receive a refund into your account.


You have the option of paying with your card and you can also use the facility of cash on delivery.

  • Cash on delivery: The mode of payment can be utilized by customers across Pakistan.
  • Payment through card: Our customers can pay through their card and we assure to keep the information confidential through our end.

Delivery and Exchanges


Your package will be delivered at your doorstep within 3-5 working days in case of delay you will be informed accordingly. Please note that there can be issue which are beyond our control for which we look up to you for understanding the situation.


We assure our customers that all the information shared on our platform from contact number to card details for payment are kept confidential. We only use the information where necessary.


You can exchange your products within 14 day time.

Note: Please keep in mind that the colors may vary from screen to screen. Please expect slightest difference in the colors of the outfit on receiving the package. And for those minor differences the exchanges won’t be applied.

Order Cancellation

You can cancel the order before it gets processed; once the order will be processed it won’t get cancelled whereas you can apply for an exchange on receiving the package.